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Every February or March, our shearer, Mary Lake of Can Do Shearing, gives our sheep their annual haircut. It helps keep our girls comfortable and cool through the summer and creates an incredible fiber product for local makers. We skirt our fleeces here on the farm before dropping them off at the Battenkill Fiber Mill where they clean, card, and spin our fleece into soft and squishy yarns.  We mix in 10-20% alpaca to achieve extra softness with some added elasticity, and a range of beautiful natural colors - whites, grays, and browns. Our yarn is certified by Animal Welfare Approved. This is one way we "use all the parts" to increase sustainability.

Woven Wool Blankets

Battenkill Fiber Mill also spins our wool onto cones as a single ply which gets sent over to Lily Marsh Studios where Lily uses her solar-powered loom to weave batches of gorgeous throw blankets.  These are mostly available in a 40”x60” throw with an ever-changing pattern depending on color availability.



Our sheepskins are salted and dried on the farm, then dropped off at Vermont Natural Sheepskins in Manchester, VT for tanning. The sheepskins are so soft and fluffy and free of chemical odors. These make an unforgettable baby shower or wedding gift!   Our sheepskins are certified by Animal Welfare Approved.  Contact us for availability.

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