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Our yarn is 80% wool from our sheep plus 20% alpaca that we source through our fiber mill, Battenkill Fibers. The alpaca helps us add color and softness to our yarn. Our yarn comes in natural colors, not dyed.


Our skeins are all 100 grams and 2-ply worsted weight. Currently, the colors we have are cream, gray twist, dark gray, light gray, and oatmeal.


We are selective about the fleece we send to be milled. Since our sheep are not fiber sheep and they are not bred for a specific type of wool, there is a lot of variation from one sheep to the next. But, some of our ewes have gorgeous, lustrous, crimpy fleeces, and those are the ones we send to the mill.


We have to give a shout-out to Mary Lake at Can Do Shearing for her skill and gentle handling of our sheep every year on shearing day.  It's just one of the ways we #usealltheparts.


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  • We ship orders as they are received. Please be patient if you do not receiving a shipping confirmation right away, the care of our animals is our first priority.

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