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Our Story

Blue Pepper Farm is a small, human-scale sheep dairy.  We also produce wool products and lamb skins along with excellent lamb, sheep's milk yogurt, pork, and eggs.  We are certified "Animal Welfare Approved" and we are a "Farmer's Pledge" farm vowing to adhere to organic practices.  All feed purchased off-farm is certified organic from here in NY.  We have high standards for animal welfare and responsible stewardship of our land.  The resulting quality of our products is a true testament to the passion with which we grow this food for ourselves and our neighbors.  Our ultimate goal is to produce the highest quality sheep's milk and the most flavorful meats you've ever tasted and we believe the best way to attain this is to respect the interconnectedness of our soil, our pastures, our animals' health and happiness, and our health and happiness.



We're a family of four, Tyler and Shannon and our two boys, Wyatt and Shepherd.  Our two mutts we had when we bought the farm are the farm's namesakes, Blue and Pepper.  Currently we have Remy who lives with the sheep and Ed, an Aussie pup learning to be a mountain dog (and part-time sheep herder!).  BPF sits on 46 acres in the Adirondack Mountains off the northern ridge of the Jay Range, with another 40 acres of hay and pasture that we lease.  The land has been farmed off and on for nearly 200 years but hasn't seen much production since the 1950s.  We have already seen huge improvement in the pastures with the help of multi-species rotational grazing. Shannon retired from her goat herd manager position at Asgaard Farm in September of 2013.  Tyler retired from teaching high school environmental science in 2020 and is now full time on the farm since we built our creamery.


We sell our products year-round at Sugar House Creamery's Farm Store in Upper Jay and straight from the farm. Find us at the Keene Valley and Saranac Lake Farmer's Markets from June - October.  Our yogurt is distributed throughout NY state via Regional Access to small grocers and natural food stores.


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